lomography Sardina 8Ball Camera
lomography Sardina 8Ball Camera Sardina 8Ball Camera lomo lomo black Sardina 8Ball Camera lomo Sardina 8 Ball Camera lomography eight ball 35mm film camera
$ 69.00

Lomography's La Sardina 8Ball Camera is the wide angle lens wonder you've been waiting for. The Eight 8 Ball La Sardina is dressed up/down in a nicely textured black coat. Refined and rugged, it's wide angle lens with a 89 degree field of view, loves to take in all the action.

Multiple exposures are a snap with an easy to use rewind dial and MX switch. The bulb setting is great for capturing long exposures, click it on and hold the shutter open for as long as you like. And with an easy to use 2 zone focus system, you spend your time shooting not twiddling.