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      • AIAIAI x Ghostly International Edition TMA-1 Headphones

        AIAIAI x Ghostly International latest collaboration is the AIAIAI x Ghostly International Edition TMA-1 Headphones.  Limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide, these special edition headphones feature a richer and deeper bass that can be heard at low volumes.   Befitting the upgraded sound profile, AIAIAI and Ghostly have also added:  adjustable...

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      • Urbanears Fall Winter 2014 Mulberry Moss and Rowen Headphones

        For Fall/Winter 2014/2015, Urbanears introduces, Mulberry, Moss and Rowan.  They might sound like a law firm you'd need after the party has gotten out of hand, but they are just the latest colorways to grace Urbanears' heavyweight headphones and earbuds.  Plattan/Humlan Headphones and Bagis/Kransen earbuds are now available and ship for...

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